10 Best Zombie Survival Games for Android

Zombie Survival Game

Meat: the Zombie Games for Android that you want stop playing

Android phones are boring without an impressive zombie game. If you want to take part in a bloody mess of killing zombies for fun and or survival, then you will like our list of the 10 Best Zombie Survival Games for Android.

Zombie Roadkill

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This exciting game is like straight out from a movie where you will drive your way through the apocalypse while trying your best to survive. To make it more thrilling, zombies jump on your car, so you better keep your guard up all the time!

Zombie Gunship Survival

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In apocalyptic movies, the main characters are often heroes. So in this game, it’s time to show your incredible bravery acts by killing all those zombies to save people’s lives! Be a hero and never hesitate to kill all zombies that will come in your way.


If you don’t want to just aimlessly shoot and kill off zombies, you should check it out. Perform a bunch of missions, collect weapons in the midst of it, and more! Also, your shooting range skills will be enhanced while playing this.

The Walking Dead: Season One

There’s no more thrilling than being one of the characters of your favorite series. All the decisions you make will significantly influence the game’s ending, so you have to choose better if you want to have a right end.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The cute little plants and hilarious zombies with different costumes are enough of an entertainment. It is perfect for kids especially that this is not very gory. Didn’t you think that plants can beat zombies? Think better.

Last Day on Earth

You will do everything from building a base, obtaining items, killing zombies before killing you, and stealing things. Of course, survival means a limited amount of resources, so you better up your game!

Kill Shot Virus

The more, the merrier, right? In this case, more zombies, more killings, and you also get over 100 missions! This realistic 3D zombie shooter game will give you fantastic gaming experience. Complete the missions and get more rewards.

Into the Dead 2

The suspense and horror in this game will get you sucked into it. This zombie survival game is where you will run infinitely and try not to die while you’re at it. Test your ability to survive when everything around you is living dead.

Dead Trigger 2

The graphics in this game are topnotch! You can build your crew here and together, free the world from the dead! Enjoy the game while saving the world. You will love how the game works to give its gamers a top-quality performance.

Dead Effect 2

If you’re looking for a cool Sci-fi shooter, then this is your best bet! This game provides RPG elements that allow upgrades and character development! Kill all living dead, be a hero, and level up.

Zombie games are fun and it will haunt your skills down. Make sure to give your best defense and strategic skills to level up, and survive. Do not let the living dead kill you! I hope you found a Zombie Survival Game that suits your taste. Enjoy!

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