Black Summer - 5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer... NOW!

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer… NOW!

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer... NOW!

Black Summer is a satisfying, brilliantly crafted and often-overlooked tv show. Revitalizing the zombie apocalyptic genre; Black Summer is bound to make you grit your teeth, drop your jaws and simple scare the living hell out of you!

Even-though it’s not main-stream Hollywood, this prequel to “Z Nation” is worth watching. Regardless of whether you’re a zombie genre fan or not, here are 5 reasons you should watch Black Summer.

It’s Unique… Different

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer... NOW!
5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer… NOW!

It may be a zombie genre movie but it is nothing like any other movie you ever saw before. Black Summer takes a complete 180 and re-imagines a whole new zombie apocalypse.

The zombies in this movie are different. Unlike your typical zombies from Walking Dead, these zombies are fast and smart. Once a human dies or gets bit they turn immediately. Moreover, these zombies can run and are a whole lot smarter than your average walker. These differences add just that much more complexity that us zombie movies fans have been yearning for. Moreover, unlike your typical zombie movie, zombies aren’t the only threat… the real threats are humans too. Black Summer explores the inhumane, gory and drastic measures us humans take when it comes to survival. It truly expresses that we are the real monsters of this universe. And, that, is truly frightening.

Action, Action and More Action

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer... NOW!
5 Reasons You Need To Watch Black Summer… NOW!

A good zombie movie is scary and most of all, packed with action. And when it comes to this… Black summer doesn’t disappoint. From zombie perspective camera angles to foot-chases to on-building parkour, Black Summer is full of action. From start to finish it either has you jumping on your feet out of excitement or coddling under your sheets out of sheer fear. Through a poetic balance between suspense, surrealism, and claustrophobic tension, Black Summer finds ways to deliver action and fear through unconventional means.

Beautiful Characterisation

When one watches Black Summer they truly get invested in the characters. The producers have a way of connecting you with the characters. You cry when they cry, you smile when they smile. You truly “feel” for the characters. Throughout the tv show, you meet several different groups; some enemies, some friends. And it’s absolutely crazy the way each of them meets. The last iconic scenes of Black Summer would remind one of the Marvel’s Endgame final scenes. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Moreover, if you get truly attached to a character and want to see what happens to them you can watch Black Summer’s follow up… “Z Nation”

Shows You Something Different

At its very core, Black Summer is a zombie thriller. But unlike other movies from this genre, it truly shows you something different. Of course, it still has the gore, the gripping intensity, the constant fear, but, it has so much more too. Unlike other movies which are set in post-apocalyptic worlds, Black Summer is actually, essentially, set in a “pre-apocalyptic” world. Therefore, for the first time ever, in the most realistic way imaginable, you get to see what the start of a zombie apocalypse would look like. You get thrown right into the story without any explanation whatsoever… you can feel nothing but fear, horror, and cluelessness as you witness the end of the world.

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