Best Zombie Games Of All Time - Walking Dead, Last Of Us

Best Zombie Games Of All Time

Best Zombie Games Of All Time

There is no shortage of games when it comes to the zombie genre. There are tons of fun games out there one can play. Survival zombie games are some of the best games you will ever play. Gaming is all about immersing yourself into another reality… and when it comes to this, the undead genre gaming industry doesn’t disappoint. However, with so many games out there it is hard to distinguish disappointing mediocre games with those of supreme quality. Here are the best zombie games of all time that you have to play in this lifetime!

Best Zombie Games #5 – Undead

Best Zombie Games Of All Time
Best Zombie Games Of All Time

Usually played on the play station, this beautiful game doesn’t disappoint. This 2-stick shooter game is heaps of fun to play. Fight your way through hoards of zombies to advance in the plot. As the game progresses you unlock more and more weapon classes and accessories. This game is best known for its progressive system and large scope of strategies/techniques that can be applied. Switch off your lights, crank up the AC and transport yourself into the dark, gloomy world of Undead zombies right now!

Best Zombie Games #4 The Walking Dead

Through its choice-control gameplay, this game lets you direct the story and plot. As you progress in the game you realize that the choices you make ripple into larger consequences. This sense of power immerses you into the walking dead universe; you can’t help but feel responsible for the faiths of the characters involved. The fact that your performance and choices affect the entire plot of the game keeps you engaged throughout the course of the game.

Best Zombie Games #3 Call Of Duty: Black OPS 3

Best Zombie Games Of All Time
Best Zombie Games Of All Time

This fan-favorite has been the flagship game of the COD franchise for several years. And none of us are surprised. With its super realistic zombies, intriguing maps and variety of guns COD truly is a revolutionary game.

Being tasked with killing hoards of zombies as you simultaneously have to rebuild broken structures fully immerses you in the game. Throughout the game, you learn several techniques, skills and weapon strategies. There might be numerous award-winning games out there but none of them compare to the hyper-realistic graphics of COD. Nothing.

2nd Best – World War Z

This Brad Pitt based game may not be deep or revolutionary, but it is fun. Extremely Fun. World War Z is the classic zombie-slaying game we all want. Hop into a co-op campaign with your friends or strangers online and kill thousands of zombie. As you destroy zombies you earn points, you can then spend those points to unlock weapons and then kill even more zombies! Thanks to the variety of weapons, abilities, and techniques this game offers one could play this for months and not get bored!

Best – The Last Of Us

We couldn’t have possibly made a list of zombie genre games and not include this. This award-winning classic has been all over the news and internet. From characterization to parkour, The Last Of Us has everything. This story-mode game lets you take control of the plot. Your decisions and skills directly impact your character’s survival. While playing this game you are truly invested in the characters. Moreover, even if you don’t like the characters, the action and graphics of this game will sure you get addicted to this game!

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