Best Zombie Games PC - Resident Evil, Walking Dead, World War Z etc.

Best Zombie Games PC

Best Zombie Games PC

There is no better way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween than cranking up classic Zombie Games on your PC. We love getting spooked, zombie movies scare the living hell out of us. However, in a game, when you step into a post-apocalyptic world yourself, it’s different. It’s scarier. Here are some classic zombie games you should play this Halloween.

Within the gaming industry, there are several takes and angles on the undead genre. From games such as Walking Dead which question our morality in a zombie-ridden world to pure action-based FPS games such as Black Ops to terrifying games such as Resident Evil. We have you covered.

World War Z

Best Zombie Games PC
Best Zombie Games PC

Loosely based on the 2013 Brad Pitt movie, this game may not be deep or revolutionary but it is fun. Extremely Fun. World War Z is your classic zombie slaying game. Hop into a co-op game with your friends and kill thousands of zombie. Earn points as you destroy zombies, spend those points to upgrade gear and then kill even more zombies! This classic game has up-to 6 classes to choose from… each of which offers you a different weapon, technique, and ability. Thanks to this variety of weapons, abilities, and techniques, one could play this for months and not get bored!

Resident Evil

The best survival horror game of all time. Although it is packed with action, Resident Evil is more of a “survival” game. You must conserve your ammo, ration out your resources and simply last as long as possible. Moreover, the hyper-realistic zombies and their gory graphics make the game terrifying, not to mention you face all these horrors completely alone. The aiming in this game is super realistic, the developers considered everything; from shaking of your hands to recoil to even your gun jamming occasionally. The camera angles, lighting and sounds only intensify the feeling of claustrophobic horror and vulnerability. Resident Evil forces users to not only face gruesome gory horror but also critically think in the heat of the moment.

Call Of Duty: Black OPS 3

Best Zombie Games PC
Best Zombie Games PC

This Co-op game has been a fan favorite and the flagship game of the COD franchise for quite a while. With its super realistic zombies, gun action and maps, COD truly offers an immersive experience. This game tasks you with killing hoards of zombies as you simultaneously have to unlock doors, advance in the plot and solve puzzles. As you advance in the game you unlock more and more weapons… exponentially increasing the complexity of the game. While there are several successful PC zombie games out there, COD really stands out, thanks to their attention to details and graphics.

Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead

In the walking dead you are forced to make choices. Choices which ripple into larger consequences. Due to this, you can’t help but completely immerse yourself in the Walking Dead universe. The game is built on the idea that you, the player, calls the shots and makes the decisions. It is these heat-of-the-moment decisions which ripple and shape up the entire narrative and plot of the game. The fact that one’s small and personal decisions ripple into large-scale consequences is what keeps the player engaged throughout the course of the game.

Through forcing you to make tough decisions the game forces you to feel the emotions the characters would. Essentially, The Walking Dead game makes you realize it a lot harder making choices in a post-apocalyptic world where one wrong move (knowingly or unknowingly) could decide the fate of another human being.

The Walking Dead is more than just a gory game. The Walking Dead makes you question the concept of right and wrong. Your morality itself.

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