Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale's Walking Dead -

Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale’s Walking Dead

Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale's Walking Dead

Zombie movies may be interesting, but after a while, they could get boring. It is a far more immersive experience when you take control of the characters. In a zombie killer game, your decisions have actual fiscal consequences. And it is this concept that Tell Tale’s industry-defining and arguably best zombie killer game captures. Here are 5 reasons why you have to play The Walking Dead (Game).

You Are In Control

Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale's Walking Dead
Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale’s Walking Dead

Since you are literally calling the shots you can’t help but completely immerse yourself in the Walking Dead universe. The game is built on the idea that you, the player, calls the shots and makes the decisions. It is these heat-of-the-moment decisions which ripple and shape up the entire narrative and plot of the game.

The fact that one’s small and personal decisions ripple into large-scale consequences is what keeps the player engaged throughout the course of the game. Moreover, through forcing you to make tough decisions the game forces you to feel the emotions the characters would.

Such emotions would usually pass over you in a movie or comic book, but not in this game. Essentially, The Walking Dead game makes you realize it a lot harder making choices in a post-apocalyptic world where one wrong move (knowingly or unknowingly) could decide the fate of another human being.

Constantly Shifting Protagonists

The Walking Dead video-game series is released in seasons of installments. The plot of the story remains the same, however, your perspective changes… literally. Through putting the player in control of a different protagonist each season, the user can gauge and understand multiple perspectives and characters.

This trait of the Walking Dead video-game series helps users understand multiple perspectives and emotionally connect with all the protagonists of the game. This change in perspective helps keep the plot interesting and not monotonous. Moreover, through this, you also get to learn more about the protagonists’ back story and thoughts/opinions.

Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale's Walking Dead
Best Zombie Killer Game: Tell Tale’s Walking Dead

Learnt From It’s Past

The Walking Dead TV show, Movies, and Comics give the game similar plots and qualities. However, make no mistake, the game doesn’t repeat the same blunders its predecessors made. The games’ success can, without doubt, be attributed to their ability to take feedback and learns from them. Tell-Tale manipulated the plot and details in accordance with the feedback they got from the franchises’ previous works. This makes the game seamlessly beautiful and better than the comics/movies.

The Plot

In each of the 6 seasons of the game, we experience the ever-progressing plot in a fresh new perspective. We start the game off in Lee Everett’s shoes. Lee Everett is a convicted murderer who is on his way to prison. However, before he can be processed, the zombie apocalypse breaks out and gives you (Lee) his only goal in life: protecting Clementine, a little girl.

As the game progresses, you are forced to make choices. While making these choices you must weigh your own safety against that of Clementine’s and the greater good. The Walking Dead plays a lot on the theme of morality and makes you question where one draws the line, it forces you to confront the fact that in a post-apocalyptic world there are no rules… It is simply, the survival of the fittest.

Essentially, throughout the plot the game makes you question what is right and what is wrong… what is self-defense/pre-cautious and what is inhumane. It makes you walk the fine line of being pre-cautious and kind in a post-apocalyptic world but not inhumane, vulnerable or gullible.

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