Best Zombie Online TV Shows - Walking Dead, Z Nation, etc.

Best Zombie Online TV Shows

Best Zombie Online TV Shows

Zombie TV shows are satisfying, scary and brilliantly crafted. However, they are an often over-looked genre. A good apocalyptic move from this genre is bound to make you grit your teeth and scare the living hell out of you! Even-though zombie movies may not have been in main-stream Hollywood recently, they are worth watching. Here are some of the best Zombie online TV shows you HAVE to watch.

Best Zombie Online TV Shows
Best Zombie Online TV Shows

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a huge hit. It has amazing and intricate plots. This award-winning tv show has one of the biggest audience base ever. The Walking Dead is a show definitely worth watching, even re-watching! Most TV shows tend to get boring after a few seasons, however, The Walking Dead just gets more and more interesting. As we meet groups/characters we get increasingly invested in the story. Due to this, as the seasons progress we feel nothing but excitement over the fates of our favourite characters!

The Walking Dead is industry defining, if anything. It is the standard for all other zombie movies. The Walking Dead was one of the first TV shows to explore this genre and is definitely the benchmark for all future TV shows as well.

Black Summer

Best Zombie Online TV Shows
Best Zombie Online TV Shows

It may be a zombie genre movie but it is nothing like any other movie you ever saw before. Black Summer takes a complete 180 and re-imagines a whole new zombie apocalypse.

The zombies in this movie are different. Unlike your typical zombies from Walking Dead, these zombies are fast and smart. Once a human dies or gets bit they turn immediately. Moreover, these zombies can run and are a whole lot smarter than your average walker. These differences add just that much more complexity that us zombie movies fans have been yearning for.

Black Summer explores the inhumane, gory and drastic measures us humans take when it comes to survival. It truly expresses that we are the real monsters of this universe. And, that, is truly frightening. From zombie perspective camera angles to foot-chases to on-building parkour, Black Summer is full of action. From start to finish it either has you jumping on your feet out of excitement or coddling under your sheets out of sheer fear.

Z Nation

This Netflix original has exceptional casting and even better plots/episodes. The TV show has amazing plot twists. It essentially revolves around a apocalypse which was caused due to a virus that killed most of man kind. The TV show follows the life of three inmates who are vaccinated. However, due to complications 2 of them die. We then realise, our only hope of a survival is the single inmate which has been vaccinated with the cure.

Moreover, Z Nation is extremely fast-paced. you are introduced to most of the characters in the first episode itself. Hence all the characterisation is achieved quite first. Thanks to this, we have more time for action and less for meaning-less dialogues and emotional scenes.

Z Nation is a must-watch movie for the Undead genre fans… It is a typical zombie movie; filled with gore, action and horror at every turn!

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