Top 3 Online And Offline Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme

Top 6 Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme

Apart from reading comics, novels and watching movies, most of the people love to play games which are designed around Zombie theme, especially Hollywood Undead theme. These games are thrilling and take you to the world of virtual reality where you get a chance to play the hero and save the day. Many of these games have a direct relation with several Hollywood undead movies about Zombies which have created history at the box office.

Few Games Which Are Based On Hollywood Undead Movie Themes

H1Z1: Just Survive

Top 6 Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme
Top 6 Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme

This game is designed for the Windows platform where a player has to survive in a world which has zombies, wolves, and hostile people. Players of this game will feel as if they are in a bloodthirsty Hollywood undead movie as they have to maneuver with every passing second to survive the day inside an apocalyptic world.

The Walking Dead

This is considered as one of the most influential games which can be easily played on multiple platforms. You might have read the comics on which this Hollywood undead zombie game is based. Thus, you will feel more enthralled when you have to face terrifying zombies and also get a chance to shoot them with different ammunitions. One can play as a tag team with his friends which will double the fun.

Zombie Army – thrilling Hollywood Undead Theme

In case you love to play thrilling, horror game on an LED, this Hollywood Undead game is the best choice. One will get to combat against the army of zombies during World War 2, the graphics and surround sound of this game is worth commenting. You will jump from your seat when you hear loud explosions or when a zombie will attack you.

Best Games You Can Play Online Based On Hollywood Undead Theme

There are various zombie combating games which one can play over the internet and can compete with other players. This will give you a more thrilling experience as you get a chance to play with or against experienced players or you can even be a lone wolf out in the open.

Zombie Derby

This is one of the most amazing 2-dimensional game in which you get to drive heavy vehicles around the city and have to make your way. Along with the maneuver, you get a chance to fire several heavy-duty weapons which would create havoc on zombies and you ride will get covered with blood and body parts.

Zombie Vacation

Top 6 Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme
Top 6 Zombie Games On Hollywood Undead Theme

In case you love to play the first-person shooting game with lots of blood and gore then this can be considered as your haven. Even though the game is playable over the internet its graphics are surreal and you will feel as if you are surrounded by zombies who are approaching you from every other direction. During the game, players can choose from different locations and you will also get a great deal of artillery to fire.

Apocalyptic World

You have to play alone survivor and have to take an initiative to combat with zombies. The game will provide you a surreal look of a post-apocalyptic world where you will get encounter with strange things, this will engage you throughout the gameplay, and thus you don’t even get bored. One of the most fantastic things about this game is that you can ride any vehicle and can crash right into the militia of zombies to create great deal of destruction.

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