Top 5 Kid Zombie Costume

Kid Zombie Costume

Halloween season is coming right up or you need a school costume. While many of us are stuck at home, we can still celebrate it in our way by dressing up our kids or our siblings in killer zombie costumes. This list provides you the top five kid zombie costume ideas that kids will surely enjoy.

Football Player

A group of stuffed animals

What you need: helmet, shirt, pants, and jersey.

If your kids like sports, this costume idea is for them. Let them enjoy their trick or treat experience while playing with their soon-to-be varsity vibe. Use fake blood and make your child look like a zombie football player.

Living Dead

A bird flying in the air

What you need: hooded pullover shirt, pants, vinyl for chest piece, and a full-face mask.

Zombie movies are a hit right now in films and television. However, gone are the days that the image for zombies is always scary. They are more of a human-looking now. One way to make this halloween fun is making your kid a living zombie in a fun way.

This costume is the most minimalist and most effortless to copy among the other kid zombie costumes on this list. This gives a coming from the grave look but having a twist of modern zombie vibe.


What you need: pants, shirts, badge, belt, and necktie

This costume idea is for kids who want to be cops someday. They can act as if they are patrolling the area and guarding other kids all night. But, a nice twist is to make them a zombie. You can find materials at home to make him a zombie cop. They will surely love this costume.

This one is a simple yet memorable costume. Your kids will remember their Halloween celebration with this. Also, you can be a zombie prisoner too and join them for an extra halloween fun.

Plants vs. Zombies

What you need: headpiece, jacket, shirt

Spice up your kids’ trick or treat as you incorporate their favorite game into their costumes. You can surely find old clothes and mimic those terrifying zombies. Add a pail on their heads and you are fantastic. If they can’t get enough with the game, they can’t say “no” to this costume idea too!


What you need: top, skirt, skirt overlay, scarf, black pom pom

Who says girls can’t be extra during Halloween? Add a twist in your kids’ costume by aiming to achieve a “spiritless” cheerleader vibe. Your kids will surely stand out with their black pom poms in a zombie. This way, they will be different from the typical cheerleader costumes we see every Halloween.

Over the years, the beliefs of people have evolved and zombies now are not very frightening. If your kids need a halloween or a school costume party. The choices are endless because anything can eventually become a zombie with a little creativity. Make this year’s Halloween or school activity the best one yet by using any one of our top five best kid zombie costume ideas!

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