Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device

Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device

You can easily download zombie games free for your device from play store and apple store. The craze for zombie games is very high and there are many games available. You can download these games for free and enjoy its features.

The zombie games are very intriguing and if you are looking for addictive games, these are for you. If you are a beginner and looking for zombie games, check the top 5 zombies games you can download for free.

The best thing about zombie games is its availability of various versions. You can play a simple zombie game as well as play the complicated ones on Xbox and Play Station. If you have a VR, zombie games are at its best. You can travel like a character in the game for more fun.

5 Zombie Games Free Which Is Most Interesting

Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device
Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device

If you do not know what games you should start with, here is the list. They are free to download and you can kill your time easily. The animations and graphics in the game are of high quality and intriguing.

1. Mini DayZ

If you are looking for a game to survive from several zombies, this is for you. The gameplay is enjoyable with retro-styled graphics. You can download this game for free and have a great time.

You can pick a character and try to survive the game. The food, water, and other supplies are available and have to be obtained by the players.

2. The Walking Dead: Our World Zombie Games Free

This is one of the popular zombie games free available for mobile devices. It can be played as an AR game and has wonderful gameplay.

There are different characters you can choose to play with. You can also get different weapons and gears as tons of varieties are available.

3. Dead Trigger 2

If you are looking for the most updated zombie games, the Dead Trigger 2 is for you. It is one of the old games but is updated with latest updates. The gameplay is very interesting and there are many levels in this game.

The intriguing gameplay and the latest updates make this game the best choice. You can take part in weekly missions and level up in the game. There are plenty of weapons available which you can get by winning more levels.

Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device
Top 5 Zombie Games Free Download For Your Device

4. Last Day On Earth Zombie Games Free

It is like a zombie war game between the players and zombies. You have to collect different kinds of weapons to kill zombies. This is one the best zombie games free download available for most devices. Before they kill you, you should be careful and collect weapons to kill them.

As the name suggests, it is the last day and you need to do your best to survive after the apocalypse. The gameplay is good and you can play it for a whole day without getting bored.

5. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect is a series of zombie killing game and this version is more interesting. It has many improved gameplay and graphics compared to its previous versions.

The Role-Playing Game makes the players develop into a machine that fights against a zombie. You can have the most fun playing this zombie games free and there are many customization options.

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