Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss

Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss

Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss

People love to watch zombie movies and games as they have a quirky theme and cataclysm which gives them ultimate thrill and excitement. The catastrophe showcased in these films and games leaves a great impact in the mind of viewers and movie production house. This provides great ideas to movie directors and game developers to invest in more prospective projects.

Some Of The Best Zombie Cataclysm Movies To Watch

The Serpent And The Rainbow

In case, you love to watch movies about black magic, voodoo, zombie cataclysm all patched into one then you shouldn’t miss this gem of a movie. Most of the part of this movie is shot in jungles, cemetery and haunted places.

World War Z – A Fearsome Zombie Cataclysm

Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss
Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss

This movie provides the ultimate thrill to viewers as they get a chance to see some of the best zombie portrayals. You will be literally on the edge of your seat throughout the movie due to its mind-boggling and thrilling atmosphere. Here you get a chance to see a modernized version of Zombies.

Zombie Land

In case, you like to watch horror-comedy movies which showcase cataclysm then this Zombie movie will keep you glued to the seat for quite a long time. The movie has some of the most hilarious scenes which will make you laugh to the top of your lungs. 

I Am Legend

While watching this movie you will feel as if you are surrounded by Zombies, as the director has portrayed ruins of a city after the cataclysm. Few scenes of this movie will give you goosebumps and you won’t be able to sleep at night even by keeping lights of your room on.

Train To Busan

The thrill to be surrounded by Zombies inside a fast-moving train is nothing but thought-provoking. Director of this movie was able to create an atmosphere which is quirky, horrifying and violent. All three of these ingredients are considered essential for a great cataclysm horror flick.

Planet Terror

Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss
Top 9 Zombie Cataclysm Flicks You Should Not Miss

This is a multi-starrer, blockbuster movie where you get to witness tons of blood and gore. One of the most beautiful things about this flick based on cataclysm is that it’s been directed by several directors. Thus, viewers get to watch different scenes of zombie encounters which are very endearing to look at if you are watching this on a broad LED television.

Check Out The Cataclysm in “Dead Snow”

What would you do if you are encountered by zombie Nazi soldiers? Well, the answer is given in this head-spinning masterpiece. The makeup in the movie is so surreal that you would scream due to thrill and excitement when you witness violent scenes. This is the flick which you should watch during your weekend with your friends while having a tub of popcorn and soda can at your arms stretch.

Warm Bodies

What would be more out of the usual and quirky than to fall in love with a zombie? You can find an answer to that by watching this romantic horror comedy movie. The most endearing part of this movie is its ending which has a twist and you won’t be able to get the flick out of your mind for quite a long time.


This movie showcases the loving relationship between a father and his loving daughter who were living in a world after the apocalypse. Here you will witness how a father protects his daughter who is turning slowly into a zombie.

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