Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?

Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?

Zombie games are becoming increasingly popular, let us have look at some of the most common reasons.

Zombies Make The Atmosphere More Thrilling

  • We humans enjoy scary feelings while playing horrified zombie games.
  • Zombie games enhance the thrill which makes us feel what real danger is.
  • As we all know that the risk of a zombie attack is minimal. However, it creates a feeling of excitement in our minds.
Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?
Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?

Zombies Develop A Connection With Humanity.

  • We, humans, are always good at sharing feelings/information to others which we gather from news outlets or technology.
  • In case of zombie destruction, we generate more chances of survival if we gather in numbers.
  • Similarly, zombies also share feelings and information like humans which makes the situation more interlinked and thrilling.

We Are Curious About The Art Of Survival.

  • However we don’t prepare ourselves for any destruction but still, we train our minds to deal with negative things.
  • Playing Zombie games drives our minds to find out ways to survive.
  • Research says playing these games allows the audience to deal with the difficult, threatening situations.

It’s Quite Natural To Get Attracted To Violence.

  • In research, it was found that the human brain reacts equally when it experiences any violence.
  • When we find zombies attacking us, a human also gets equally violent to encounter.

We Love To Experience The Zombie Fear.

  • Paul Bloom a well-known Psychologist states an individual prefers watching their fear in the form of movies, games or in a fictional story.
  • Playing these games develops imaginary and fictional fear in the mind of people.
  • Zombie trills our life

Zombie Games Create Huge Money

  • As we all know game development is a risky business when it comes to generating potential revenue.
  • It requires heavy massive investments to develop a game and creating its popularity amongst the consumers.
  • Nowadays in zombie-themed video games are getting more successful. Even games like Call of Duty started featuring zombies in their games.

Zombie Games Help Us To Release Stress.

  • When we play zombie games, it was found that an individual escapes his/her stress, social pressure, and saturation which they experience in their everyday lives.
  • When we include ourselves in the zombie zone we get free from cell phones, bosses, twitter, just our aim is to survive and help others. It gives a certain level of relaxation.
Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?
Why Zombie Games Are So Popular?

Zombie Creates A Scary Situation To Deal With.

  • As we all know zombies are somehow deadly, but they are not professional fighters.
  • It is quite easy to deal with zombies as they are very slow in their movements, least coordinated and lack of cognitive abilities.
  • Fighting with zombies is a lot simpler if we work in a team, one alone can’t be too effective because every individual is not good at fighting.

There Is Always Hope While Playing Zombie Games.

  • In every zombie-based game or movie at the end, we found at least a few survivors that give the audience a positive hope.
  • Every survivor develops a positive emotional hope that things will work perfect if we perform strong and tough in the worst conditions.

We Experience Innovation In Every Zombie Game.

  • Recently in every zombie game, we experience highly designed gameplay mechanics, a deep weapon crafting system and a different high sense of humor.
  • Introducing zombies as the main enemy not only boosts new and interesting mechanics but also generates high interest between the players. That’s why every developer is willing to put zombie effects in their games.
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