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World War Z – Most Interesting Zombie Novel

World War Z - Most Interesting Zombie Novel

Humans just love zombies. You can find numerous books, movies and video games based on zombies but a few would be as well known as World War Z. There is a novel as well of the same name, followed by the Brad Pitt movie and finally the zombie shooter game. If you are willing to know about the various parts of the WWZ universe, how are they interconnected and what happens in each of them, you can read further. You will also be introduced with few novels that World War Z fans like and should be made into movies as well.

The WWZ Universe

World War Z universe is full of zombies and they are presented in a way that they look realistic somehow. The following are different parts of the universe-

World War Z – The Novel

World War Z - Most Interesting Zombie Novel
World War Z – Most Interesting Zombie Novel

Published back in 2006, this novel is associated with zombie horror genre that portrays a zombie outbreak and subsequent condition of human settlements. This novel is written by Max Brooks, a renowned American author. The novel shares the incidents faced by a UN agent during the outbreak of zombie plague. The novel will surely give you chills and being a fan of such novels, it is a goldmine for you.

World War Z – The Movie

This Brad Pitt starrer zombie apocalypse movie was loosely based on the novel when it released back in 2013. It was a global hit and portrayed the journey of the protagonist who is a special force soldier for the US government. He is assigned a task to find a cure for this problem and report back, but things go wrong because a lot of zombies try to get him. To sum up,The movie is a must-watch for zombie fans as it depicts the situations perfectly.

World War Z – The Game

This game was released on 16th April 2019 and is loosely based on the movie. The game was loved by fans and took them to a cross country journey in the post-apocalyptic US. In the game, you will have to kill thousands of zombie as they swarm in, trying to infect you. Players get to choose from different categories of characters that have different areas of expertise. This adds fun to the game and you will need to coordinate with your team and get out of it alive.

Other Novels That Deserve A Movie

 There are a lot of novels out there that deserve their movie and games justlike World War Z. Some of them are mentioned below-

The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

World War Z - Most Interesting Zombie Novel
World War Z – Most Interesting Zombie Novel

This novel was published back in 2009 by American author Carrie Ryan. This novel has an impressive story to tell as it revolves around a girl that lives in a village that is surrounded by fences and no one is allowed to go out due to a zombie outbreak. The novel perfectly depicts the girl’s curiosity about what is outside these fences. This is a must-read book for zombie lovers.

Warm Bodies

If you love romance novels like Romeo and Juliet then this one is for you. The story revolves around a zombie man named R who falls in love with a human girl named Julie. The novel shows the transformative power of love along with the struggles of this odd couple. The novel has horror, romance as well as humor and makes up as a total entertainer.

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