Zombieland: One Of The Best Zombie Movies Ever | Must Watch Movie Zombieland: One Of The Best Zombie Movies Ever | Must Watch Movie

Zombieland: One Of The Best Zombie Movies Ever

Zombieland: Best Zombie Movie

The audience loves entertainment. And the most common form of entertainment that we all follow is Movie. But when it comes to various genres of films, horror with a touch of comedy is most of our first choice. Accordingly the movie Zombieland perfectly fits in this genre of horror-comedy that generates laughter at its peak.

Critical & Box-Office Success:

Zombieland released in 2009. Eventually, with a zombie theme, this movie became the most successful, in terms of both critical and commercial aspects of all time. Previously there was an action-horror zombie movie “Dawn Of The Dead” grossed highest. Post the release of Zombieland, another action zombie-themed movie “World War Z” broke the box-office records in 2013.

Talented Cast & Crew :

Ruben Fleischer directed this entertaining venture. Paul Wernick penned the script. While Rhett Rheese assisted him with the screenplay. Jesse Eisenberg played the lead role. Woody Harrelson did the supporting lead. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin were the siblings in this movie.

Special Cameo Appearance:

There was a special character included in this film which was a significant and weird one. That was the character of the actor Bill Murray. It was significant because he was playing himself in that movie. The comical part was that he used a trick to fool the zombies by pretending himself being a part of their fraternity while outside of his home.

We can mention one particular fact during the casting of this character as a trivia. The makers approached several famous actors for this role. A few of those names are Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson, Matthew McConaughey, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman, etc.

The Plot With Twisted Screenplay:

The plot of Zombieland is set in a post-apocalyptic fictional world. Here zombies are everywhere. In this deadly situation, 4 strangers teamed up to survive. One of the characters, supposed to be the protagonist is a college student. He is showing as traveling from Texas to Ohio in search of his parents.

The Journey: Zombieland

However in his way he found a brave survivor. Further they met two bold sisters. However, in the course of the journey, he concluded that his parents became the victims of the zombies. Thus this central character along with 3 members of his team decided to move towards California for knowing a place free from zombies.

Zombieland: Best Zombie Movie
Zombieland: Best Zombie Movie

The Climax:

While reaching Hollywood in California, they encountered a chain of events. Every time they were getting into the radar of the zombies. But they fought them with great valor, using their advanced guns and weaponry which they managed to steal from various locations during their journey.

In the end, how they survived the challenges in this war against the zombies that is a spectacle to watch. And the makers of this movie greatly executed the screenplay and the direction to make this piece of work memorable for the audience.

Popular Elements Of Horror Genre That We Rightly Find In Zombieland:

When it comes to the subject of horror then there are many elements we found in stories and novels. Based on these elements cinemas are made to entertain us. A few of such very popular themes are Dracula, Vampires, Frankenstein/ Monster, Demons, Aliens, Kaiju, etc.

But among all these characters Zombies can be considered as the most entertaining for the majority of the masses. It’s because the makers can easily punch the touch of comedy into it. Thus we can sell it as a Horror-Black-Comedy. And the matured section of the mass always prefers genres like Black-Comedy more than anything else.

Zombieland: Best Zombie Movie
Zombieland: Best Zombie Movie

Zombieland: Double Tap, The Future Sequel:

There is good news. The sequel of this movie which is “Zombieland: Double Tap” is on the verge of its release. It will release in Oct’19. We are expecting it to be more fun. All the key actors associated with this franchise will reprise their roles along with the same director and the writers.

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