Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.

Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.

Zombies are the fictional characters developed by human’s creativity. We mainly find a Zombie in horror and thriller movies and games.

Here we came with few top interesting facts about zombies let’s find it out:

Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.
Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.

Top  Common Zombie Facts:

  • We celebrate “World Zombie Day” across the globe on 8th October.
  • However, there are mainly 2 theories on the origin of zombies:
  1. A person dies due to a curse and comes back as a zombie
  2. Or else, by viruses or radiation.
  • The word “Zombophiles” belongs to the person who denotes himself/herself as a fan of the Zombie.
  • For killing zombies all you need to cut its head down or by smashing its brain.

Top Historical Facts.

  • The word “Zombie” means “God”.  An African word “nzambi” which means God is related. Similarly, “Le Grand Zombi” means the father of all other gods and a python represents it.
  • “Haitian Clairvius Narcisse” is the globally famous “Real Life Zombie”. Above all, he mentioned that he was turned into a zombie forcefully by injecting a combination of powerful hallucinogens & neurotoxins.
  • An angry goddess of the Middle East around 5,000 years back challenges to bring the dead bodies to life in the form of Zombies to destroy the living creatures.
  • In Haitian culture, it was somehow considered that feeding salt will turn undead to normal. However, that doesn’t mean zombie will turn into a human being rather it will help the body to return to the grave.
Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.
Must Know Interesting Zombie Facts.

Top  Scientific Zombie Facts.

  • A disease named Yaws makes an individual look like zombies. It gives painful seeping out sores on the legs, arms, face, and feet. The wounds on the bottom of the feet make the sufferer walk slowly like a zombie.
  • Zombie powder used in Haitian Zombification is mainly made up of poisonous from animals, Hyla tree frogs, cane toad, and spiky pufferfish. In addition, it also contains human remains and hallucinogens.
  • Toxin zombies come back to life via radiation, poisonous chemical leaks and exposure to a virus. In other words, we can say that they are usually rotting, can’t feel pain, bad odor and prefer eating fresh flesh.
  • In the field of computer science, a computer is said to be a zombie if it has been taken over by a virus or a hacker. Maximum users of zombie computers are unknown from the fact that their computers have been hacked.
  • A zombie’s body keeps on decomposing hence cause serious tissue and muscle damage at each step. Moreover, zombies don’t heal and the damage is permanent. The speed keeps reducing and at some point they can’t even move.

Top Comparison Facts.

  • Mummy and zombies are totally different from each other because zombies keep decaying with time whereas we mainly preserve mummies.
  • Vampires are very fast difficult to kill, intelligent and strong. Whereas, zombies are slow easy to kill, dumb and weak.

Top Current Facts.

  • The top safe countries during an attack with respect to topography, population, military, and geographic location. Like Australia, Canada, Russia, United States, Norway, Finland, Argentina, and Sweden.
  • According to  Haiti’s Government, A law was made which states that turning someone to Zombie is a criminal offense. Article 249 also states that if a person gives drugs to someone and buries him. The government will treat it as murder if anyone tries to bring the dead body again to life.
  • A zombified movie costs around 70$ only won an award at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Philosophical Zombies means a living human being with no consciousness but having philosophical existence.
  • At last, some scientists even claimed that a Zombiefied apocalypse can happen because of growing pollution and toxicity in the atmosphere.
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